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Quality approach

The Tourist Office is committed to guaranteeing your satisfaction, by taking into account your opinions, suggestions and complaints, and by implementing actions to continually improve the quality of our services and that of the destination. The Tourist Office also integrates sustainable development into its operations, and from the reflection to the deployment of its missions and actions.

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The Charter of our commitments to sustainable development and responsible tourism sets out our 12-point action plan.

The Tourist Office has been committed to a quality and continuous improvement approach for many years.

Afnor NF Service certified until now, we are currently working on obtaining the State mark Qualité Tourisme .


Our quality approach is applied to:

  • From the city of Avignon by respecting the commitments of the public service delegation which has been entrusted to the SPL Avignon Tourisme, and which commits the Tourist Office to a “1st Category” quality service ensuring reception , the promotion and tourist development of the Avignon destination.
  • Professionals and local partners of the destination:
    – By ensuring the promotion and marketing of their establishments and their services
    – By associating them with the destination’s promotion policy
    – By ensuring quality monitoring of our services and the destination through the recording and monitoring of customer complaints
  • Customers and visitors to the destination by putting their expectations and needs at the heart of our concerns and at the center of our organization.


Our commitments to the destination’s customers are translated operationally into our services based on the following 5 key points:

  • Offer a professional welcome all year round as well as access to information and consideration of requests outside the opening hours of the Tourist Office.
  • Welcome customers in a place accessible to all audiences.
  • Limit waiting times and welcome customers thanks to qualified staff who advise and respond in at least three foreign languages on the destination’s complete offering.
  • Implement a policy of actions to promote the destination.
  • Integrate Sustainable Development from consideration to the deployment of our missions and actions.

Category 1

Tourist Office classification is awarded by prefectoral decree and is valid for 5 years. Beforehand, the Tourist Office prepares and submits a file describing how it meets the criteria set out in the decree of April 16, 2019. Category 1 classification enables the municipality to be classified as a Tourist Resort, in recognition of its excellent welcome.

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Tourism and disability

The Tourisme et Handicap state label is proof of concrete commitment, and a guarantee of an effective, adapted welcome. It is awarded to tourism professionals committed to a quality approach focused on accessibility to leisure activities and vacations for all. The label is renewed every 3 years. We are certified for 4 disabilities: motor, visual, hearing and mental. Visit our special page to discover Avignon with your disability.



Accueil Vélo is a national label guaranteeing quality reception and services along cycle routes for touring cyclists. The label is renewed every 3 years. We can provide you with a wealth of free information and support: detailed information sheets and departmental maps, as well as free equipment such as pumps, VAE battery rechargers and repair kits. For more information, please visit our dedicated page!