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Avignon, land of culture(s)

Avignon bridges the gap between an exceptional heritage and the most demanding contemporary creation. When it comes to culture, the city of the Popes will transport you into a whirlwind of emotions and wonders: a must-see heritage, tours, museums, shows, exhibitions, concerts… Get your fill of discoveries!”


Avignon, land of culture 2025

With Avignon, Terre de cultures 2025, the city signs Act 2 of a strong cultural ambition for Avignon, with an ambitious action plan that mobilizes all of the area’s cultural players.

“Avignon, Terre de culture 2025, will be four years of creativity, experimentation, initiatives and excitement for and with artists and residents: in our schools, our neighborhoods, our libraries, our heritage sites, in the street, in homes, all forms of artistic expression will be invited at all times, within everyone’s reach! To ensure that this energy endures, which will gradually be put in place until 2025, the year of the apotheosis, new venues will blossom, thus making culture a lasting part of the city’s urban narrative.”

Cécile Helle,
Mayor of Avignon

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Avignon's museums

unique collections

Five museums (Calvet, Lapidaire, Petit Palais, Requien, Palais du Roure) complement each other, offering a chance to see several thousand works of art – objects, documents, paintings, sculptures – spread across Avignon’s finest buildings. And what’s more, it’s free for everyone!

Take the time to discover the city’s private museums, home to some of the world’s most famous names in art history, and the Musée Pierre de Luxembourg in Villeneuve lez Avignon.

The world's biggest stage

It’s rumored that Avignon has more red armchairs than inhabitants… And with good reason! Since Jean Vilar founded the Festival d’Avignon, live entertainment has become second nature to the city of the popes! While July brings its own special kind of excitement to the city of the popes, the curtain never goes down here.


Avignon, a land of inspiration for artists

Matteo Giovannetti, Enguerrand Quarton, Pierre Mignard, Claude Joseph Vernet, Pierre Grivolas, Claude Firmin, but also Olivier Messiaen, Jean Sully Dumas, Pierre Boulle, Mireille Matthieu, Jean Vilar, Ernest Pignon-Ernest and more recently Goddog or Space invader…. They were born here, lived here, still live here, and have been, or still are, inspired by Avignon. Sometimes even on its walls, where they leave their mark and add to its legend.


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