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Outstanding restaurants, with great wine lists! In and around Avignon, throughout the entire area, meet the Chefs who perpetuate the traditions of seasonal Provençal cuisine, discover their specialties and enjoy.

When tomatoes think they are divas

Round, oblong, fleshy or fine, scarlet red, green and striped, pineapple orange. Sweet, acidulous … In Provence, tomatoes are more than a fruit, they’re practically a religion! In summer there’s scarcely a meal where tomatoes are not part of the fun … Refreshing, full of taste, just perfect with a simple drizzle of amazing olive oil … a pinch of fleur de sel and a basil leaf. Tomatoes are Provence in a nutshell, the perfect starter, a reason to rejoice.

At Restaurant Christian Etienne, the tomato is the star of the menu! For over 20 years now, the Michelin-starred restaurant proposes a Tomato Menu that pays homage to the exquisite taste and textures of tomatoes. Tomato aficionados look forward to the summer season for this gastronomic event. Started by Chef Christian Etienne, the All-Tomato Menu continues to be proposed today by new chef Guilhem Sevin. Chef Sevin has modernised the tradition and proposes a menu with a new twist, while still featuring the superb tartare du trio de tomates, the absolute summum of summer perfection, acclaimed by gourmets from the world over.

In Avignon, when the Tomato is announced, you know it’s summer!


The video of Foodin’France by Chefs d’Avignon tu me régales

Provençal tian, petits farcis, ratatouille… the absolute classics of Provençal cuisine reinvented by chefs in Avignon.


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Pascal Barnouin, feel at home!

In a winding little street just off Rue de la Carreterie, Pascal and Marie provide a warm welcome to their restaurant that makes you feel right at home. Normal, perhaps, for a restaurant with Home in its name “La Maison de la Tour”. Maybe it feels like home because Pascal and Marie work here all day, and live on the premises, in this beautiful venue, a bit off the beaten path, a respite from the Avignon Festival crowds in the summer, and warm and cozy in the winter for the big dining room has an enormous rotisserie. The spacious cuisine is open to diners who want to take a look around. Chef Pascal, an outgoing, friendly chef, works straight from the heart. He serves up Provence, and his menu reflects all the riches of this terroir: stuffed Provençal vegetables, daube, simmered dishes…

In wintertime, truffles are a featured ingredient in an entire range of dishes that are simply prepared to enhance the flavour of the truffle. Here, everything is homemade. This expresses both the family spirit of place and the authenticity sought by the Pascal and Marie Barnouin. The Chef is genuine and generous and does without the starched white chef’s jacket and hat. Pascal is a free spirt, he rebels against strict codes applied in the restaurant business. Pascal and Marie opened the restaurant and succeeded in just a few years’ time, in making into the place where food lovers come again and again … with friends, with the family, just the two of you, at different times of the week … the Sunday brunch, lunch under the flowering bower, or gastropub dinner. Come along. Take your time, and enjoy a dining experience that includes the dimension of feeling at home and among friends.