Festival In d'Avignon - Photo credit: Christophe Raynaud / Festival d'AvignonFestival In d'Avignon - Photo credit: Christophe Raynaud / Festival d'Avignon
©Festival In d'Avignon - Photo credit: Christophe Raynaud / Festival d'Avignon|Christophe Raynaud / Festival d'Avignon

The perfect festival-goer's guide

Festival instructions

On July 5, the Festival d’Avignon opens its doors, and for almost a month the city lives to the rhythm of the performing arts. To help you find your way around, here are a few tips to make the most of the event.

What's the difference between the Festival d'Avignon and the Festival OFF?

The two festivals coexist during the month of July

The Avignon Festival, known as the “In”, was created in 1947 by Jean Vilar. Programming is decided by artistic director Tiago Rodrigues and his team. Companies and artists are invited to present their work at the Festival, in emblematic heritage venues such as the Cour d’Honneur of the Palais des Papes.

Le Festival Off was founded in 1966 by André Benedetto, it was originally an alternative artistic movement that protested against traditional theatrical performances. Le Off has no artistic direction. Companies pay and rent open slots in theaters that make their venues available.

Did you know?

A grand parade takes place at the end of the day on the eve of the festival launch, with all the artists marching in costume and towing to present their show. It’s a great open-air celebration, so don’t miss it!

How to find your tickets for the Festival d'Avignon?

By phone
On the official website
On site at the Cloître St Louis

Most tickets are snapped up as soon as they go on sale. So take advantage of the fact that some festival-goers are reselling their tickets, usually in the Cloître Saint-Louis, where the box office is located. There you’ll find a wall of classified ads with many tickets for sale. Alternatively, you can go to the venue playing the show of your choice an hour before it starts. Reserved seats must be collected at least 30 minutes before the start of the show, after which they are put back on sale, allowing a few lucky people to snatch the precious sesame.

How do I get tickets for the Festival OFF?

At the theater box office before the show
On Ticket'Off, the solidarity ticketing service
On online ticket sales sites

Some companies present their shows in the street, playing short scenes and offering festival-goers preferential rates or even free admission. Keep an eye out!

Good plan

Buy the public season ticket at the Tourist Office or at the Village du Off, and get a 30% discount on all shows in the program, access to evenings and concerts at the Village du Off, lower-cost visits to the Palais des Papes and many other advantages…

Eco-responsible festivals

From waste treatment and the development of eco-friendly travel to the conservation of natural resources and the management of human resources, organizations are moving towards an eco-responsible transition for festivals. Want to find out more?

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