The Via Avenio - at the crossroads between Rome and Compostela

La Via Avenio
The Via Avenio makes Avignon the venue for two major departures, for Avignon is at the crossroads between Rome and Compostela. The Via Avenio runs along already existing paths and trails (GR, PR, town paths etc…).
You can reach the Compostela trail west of Avignon:

1. Towards the Northwest direction by following the 'Urbain V' trail up to Nasbinals and continuing on the Via Podiensis
2. Towards the Southwest direction by taking the Via Rhôna (or the GR 42) towards Beaucaire to reach St-Gilles-du-Gard via the Rhône-to-Sète canal and continuing on the Via Tolosana (GR 653).

Access the trails to Rome east of Avignon:

1. Towards Montfavet at the Chartreuse de Bonpas and via Caumont-sur-Durance, then Cavaillon to reach the Via Domitia (GR 653D) towards Montgenèvre via Apt to reach the Via Francigena in Italy;
2. or in Cavaillon towards the South-East on the GR 653D via Orgon and Eygalières then take the GR 6 to the South towards Aureille and continue on the GR 653A straight East on the Via Aurelia towards Menton and Italy.

For more information, please download the brochure below.