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When the sun goes down, Avignon night life comes to life! Festive and secret, night life means you can dance to the end of the night, strike up conversations in unsuspected amazing bars or discreet cabarets and admire the stars from a 5-star rooftop.

The Top 5 go-to places in Avignon


The very heart of the city, a lively square, always something going on. The vast parvis facing Les Halles central marketplace is surrounded by a wide choice of bars where the Avignon young crowd meets up and gets together. During the day, seated at a table that takes in the square, in the shade of the old trees, or during the lively night scene, here you can talk, learn, share, laugh, and put together later plans that may well take you to the opening of Les Halles at 6 a.m. for a much-needed coffee and croissant!


Just behind Les Halles market, on Rue Bonneterie, the PUB Z is a legendary Avignon bar. Created in 987 by Boboss and now run by his son Will, this music bar is the soul of Avignon nights. Though black-and-white embellish the outside, in a work by Avignon street artist Pablito Zago, the atmosphere inside is highly colourful! Cool music and DJ, there have even been knitting classes here … In a word, the leading music bar in Avignon and well worth a stop during your free time …


When you have an irresistible urge to dance to the latest trends in music, head straight to the street Rue Bancasse for the dancing venue in Avignon, known fondly as ‘les Ambas’. Strass and sequins, alcoves, ball lights … the atmosphere has been thought through here. With a little luck, you will even find Ariel Wizman spinning the tunes. A club that is very popular with the Avignon crowd. Proper attire required.


The very first rooftop in Avignon, this great roof deck belongs to the 5-star hotel on Place Crillon. It has already carved out a reputation for itself in the night world, in the 4 years of its young existence. From May to September, every Friday and Saturday night, the tunes turn to disco, techno and other dance melodies, under the starry skies and with a view over the Palace of the Popes that takes your breath away!

DELIRIUM Careful, the Delirium is a hidden cabaret! On a tiny street, Rue Mignard, with a fairly unappetising entrance door, that, once open, leads to one of the most unusual spots in Avignon. On the first floor of this former city mansion, two brothers have created an atypical place that is somewhere between a Tzigan cabaret and a pop-up bar, and every evening’s festivities are different from the next. What’s so special ? No hours, no programme … you hear about evenings at the Delirium by word of mouth… so, try your luck.