The OPERA for the GRAND AVIGNON area
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In the very centre of Avignon stands the home to the lyrical and theatrical arts. The opera for Grand Avignon (currently undergoing major renovation) is the symbol of cultural creation and has offered Avignon and the surrounding area unrivalled artistic opportunity since the middle of the 19th century.


Works for more comfort

Since June 2016, this cultural flagship for the wider Grand Avignon metropolitan area has been undergoing a vast campaign of renovation work that will provide a better reception for every type of audience and better working space for all the theatre-related trades. Due to this major works site, Grand Avignon made the important decision to continue the cultural and artistic mission of the opera, and opened a ‘pop-up’ opera house located on the esplanade of the TGV train station. The Confluence Opera.



In this new, fast-changing neighbourhood, this ephemeral Opera House enables the entire metropolitan area to enjoy rich, diverse programming with shows, concerts, operas and plays through 2019. The historical opera house in the centre city is scheduled to re-open, in all its flamboyant glory, in late 2019.

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