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In Avignon, people go out! Provençal cuisine prevails, with Chefs who love working with their local products. World cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and many other choices also thrive creatively in delicious Avignon!

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Avignon, we eat there, we eat there!
If the Provencal cuisine is the lion’s share with Chefs in love with their products, we also find a cuisine of the world and the Mediterranean that demonstrates the creative vigor of Avignon the greedy!

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The work of the sun, the shimmer of colors, the generosity: the plates, fine and tasty, breathe the South, its products and traditions. The decor is also delicious: superb room 18th century. or beautiful garden, between the historic walls of Mirande, the mansion that touches the Palais des Papes. Taste and elegance, united in one place.


Florent Pietravalle, 28, from Montpellier, becomes chef de cuisine at La Mirande after spending four years at Pierre Gagnaire’s kitchen in Paris. Before this ultimate experience in the firmament of French gastronomy it is formed with other masters and not least … January 22, 2019, he reaches his first star at the controls of the prestigious establishment of Avignon.