The atmosphere at Avignon's OFF Festival - Photo credit: Frédéric Dahm / Empreintes d'AilleursThe atmosphere at Avignon's OFF Festival - Photo credit: Frédéric Dahm / Empreintes d'Ailleurs
©The atmosphere at Avignon's OFF Festival - Photo credit: Frédéric Dahm / Empreintes d'Ailleurs|Frédéric Dahm / Empreintes d'Ailleurs

Alongside the festival

Every July, Avignon becomes the biggest stage in the world! Dance, classical theater, contemporary theater, circus, concerts… you’re bound to find what you’re looking for among the 50 or so shows at the Festival d’Avignon and the 1,500 shows at the Festival OFF. Passionate about culture and in love with my city, I make the most of the event, but I also like to be able to take a few welcome breaks from my hectic schedule: shopping at the market, exhibitions, afterwork… Ready to discover my little secrets? Follow me!

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Stroll through the Halles market

What better way to start the day than with a trip to the covered market. A must-see, here you’ll find the pites of Provençal gastronomy: olive oil, Provençal herbs, Côtes-du-Rhône wines… All in a warm, friendly atmosphere. You want to taste it all!

I go there with my little boy, a gastronome in short pants, to fill up on fruits, vegetables, fish and I also like to simply go there to have breakfast on the zinc of one of the bars, or taste a seafood platter at the écailler.

Making a canvas

The city’s various musées cater for all tastes with painting, sculptures, engraving, photography… from classical to contemporary. And this summer, they’re offering exhibitions of the highest quality.

I’m very keen to push open the doors of the Maison Jean Vilar, which has just reopened after several years of renovation. In particular, it presents “Infiniment”, an exhibition-tribute to two sacred monsters who made the heyday of the Festival d’Avignon and the Cour d’Honneur, Gérard Philipe and Maria Casarès.

I’m not going to miss a trip to the Louis Vouland museum: nestled in a magnificent mansion and boasting one of the most beautiful private gardens in the city center, it’s a unique place, conducive to détente and rêverie. A fan of contemporary art, I’m never disappointed by the Collection Lambert and its rich program of exhibitions that question today’s world. In a more intimate ambiance, the musée Angladon puts Matisse and his sketches and drawings in the spotlight.

In Avignon in July, from early morning to late night, whether you’re an epicurean, an art lover or an oenophile, there’s always something to do!

For an evening drink

After a day spent walking the length and breadth of the city, I particularly enjoy sipping a nice glass of chilled white or rosé. And if there’s one good plan not to be missed it’s the Côtes du Rhône ephemeral wine bar!

In the cool of the courtyard of the elegant Hôtel de Rochegude, you can taste Côtes du Rhône wines with the winemakers, chat with the sommeliers, and meet festival-goers over a plate of charcuterie or cheese… All in a festive atmosphere. Just what you need to spend an excellent evening… in moderation :-).

At Avignon in July, from early morning to the late hours of the night, whether you’re epicurean, art lover, oenophile, there’s always something to do!