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Polar Festival


Black ink magic

The magical setting of La Chartreuse, in Villeneuve, has been the crime scene for over 14 years now. With each new edition of the Festival du Polar (or crime novel festival), a new theme explores this literary genre that is now major. Authors come to talk, dedicate their books, discuss with readers and work on future novels! Young readers are a special focus, with discovery sessions that take them into the mysterious meanders of a police investigation. Meet at La Chartreuse in early November for a new chapter of the detective novel Festival.


The 9th art at home in Avignon

Comic books, the graphic arts, graphic novels, serigraphy… the world of all things visual and graphic arts now has its very own festival in Avignon. As wintertime approaches, in late November, the heart of Avignon comes to life with the major authors of comics, and many native sons working in the field. Encounters of a new type, exhibitions of posters and art work, fanzine stands, authors dedicating their work, artists from throughout France. With Renc’Arts, Avignon is the centre of the world of comics!