Pont d'Avignon
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A legendary bridge

Pont d’Avignon, it was built in the 1100’s and once connected the two banks of the Rhône. Scene of legends, emblematic monument symbol of this area, today the Pont d’Avignon has only 4 of its original 22 arches.

This architectural feat stimulates lots of questions and opinions, and has added to the aura of the bridge, famous the world over thanks to the song, ‘Sur le pont d’Avignon’. Although it is UNESCO World Heritage, you can dance on it! Open 7 days a week.

“Sur le pont d’Avignon, on y danse, on y danse…”

In the fifteenth century, many popular songs that accompany the wedding evoke the Pont d’Avignon. They are called “pillow songs”. The air of the rhyme, in its current form, appears in 1853 in Adolphe Adam’s operetta entitled “L’Auberge Pleine”. The international success comes a few years later with another operetta, launched in 1876, which was finally called “On the Pont d’Avignon”.


Films, exposure and touch pads to discover the bridge like you’ve never seen it before! Bearer of legends, emblematic monument of the territory, the Pont d’Avignon has been the subject since 2010 of an unprecedented interdisciplinary work that has mobilized a whole community of researchers under the aegis of Greater Avignon and the CNRS. We can now admire the results of this research through new museographic devices and multimedia mediation that reconstruct the bridge in 3D in its landscape at different times.