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With the cities of Nîmes and Arles, and the Pont du Gard, you can explore an area forged by Roman history. Unique heritage that takes you into an essential, and rich civilisation

Pont du GARD

Technological and architectural prowess

A true masterpiece of creative human genius, the Pont du Gard today is also admired as a major technological feat. Nothing but superlatives to describe this work. The highest Roman aqueduct in the world, 49 metres high and 3 rows of superimposed arches. It is remarkable also due to its amazing condition. A registered site, the aqueduct got a new lease on life in the early 2000’s, with the addition of a museum telling its story. The Pont du Gard is also the venue for concerts, and there are spaces designed for relaxation, and discovery trails. The beautiful natural setting is preserved, and there is a restaurant to enjoy local gastronomy while right next to the Pont. A true emperor on his lands!



Gallo-Roman Nemausa

A visit to Nîmes takes you through the History of the Roman era and up to the present time through the amazing architectural fabric of the city. Nîmes’ Roman heritage from the era of Emperor Augustus includes the amphitheatre (Arènes) and the Maison Carré. In the 2nd century, Nîmes, with its ideal location on the Via Domitia connecting Rome to Spain, was at its peak, with a population of nearly 25,000. Water flowed through the city thanks to the construction of the Pont du Gard. The Roman city was extended and textile industry got its start and was to last for centuries.



One famous example is the canvas fabric made in Nîmes, which became known as ‘denim’, since it came ‘de Nîmes’. Denim of course went on to be used to make jeans in the USA.
Nîmes is also a resolutely modern city, with contemporary projects such as its magnificent modern museum on Roman history, the La Paloma performing arts centre. Its 21st century contemporary architecture has been designed by great names in modern architecture. Another facet of Nîmes to discover.