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health commitment charter

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The commitment charter by AVIGNON TOURIST INFORMATION guarantees safety measures are in place in light of the current climate. Local businesses are involved in it:
Accommodation providers,
restaurants, bars, cafés, ice cream shops,
cultural and leisure activities,
Tourist Information services,
meeting and conference centres,
transport facilities,
shops with a tourism department etc.



  • Give our visitors peace of mind in terms of our commitment to organise, implement and respect health guidelines.
  • Use branding to identify businesses involved in the charter
  • Provide information about all the businesses involved in the charter online at avignon-tourisme.com


Avignon Safe Experience - Avignon Tourisme


  1. Respect and enforce safety measures recommended by the French Health Agency within our businesses.
  2. Implement health guidelines recommended by the Ministry for Work and professional bodies.
  3. Ensure social distancing guidelines are applied; adapt measures for visitor numbers; enforce one way systems.
  4. Train our staff in upholding safety measures.
  1. Always be prepared to ensure visitors have a tourist experience with peace of mind.
  2. Have a specific protocol in the event of a suspected case of Covid-19.
  3. Prioritise flexible booking and cancellation terms.