The Reboule farm producer sharing his harvest with a family - Photo credit: De beaux lents demainsThe Reboule farm producer sharing his harvest with a family - Photo credit: De beaux lents demains
©The Reboule farm producer sharing his harvest with a family - Photo credit: De beaux lents demains|De beaux lents demains

3 great ways to recharge your batteries this spring!

It’s springtime! Goodbye down jacket, tights and hat. After playing the groundhog in winter, I love this season, synonymous with waking up to birdsong, lunches and aperitifs on the terrace with friends. As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, I “come back to life” after those long months of dreariness.

Chloé Mariani

A native of Avignon and very attached to my city, I've been working at the Tourist Office for the past fifteen years. Passionate about culture and food, I love to share my tips, favorites and discoveries with you!

3 great ways to enjoy

With the return of fine weather, nature, even in the city, is decked out in its finest finery. An opportunity to enjoy it, while strolling, taking part in workshops, making discoveries, and why not, even taking care of your health and well-being. There’s no shortage of things to do in Avignon.

I’ve come up with three activities to keep your vacation busy, so follow the guide!

Visit an urban farm

Le Tipi is a living, ecological and fertile place. It features an urban farm, a ceramics workshop, a herbalist shop, a canteen, a bar and a concert stage. Just a 15-minute walk from the ramparts, it’s the first place in Avignon dedicated to the ecological transition!

It’s a place where you feel good, and the association’s staff are adorable. I go there regularly to buy plants and seeds, and my little boy loves feeding the chickens.

Numerous events are organized throughout the summer for young and old alike. Don’t miss the 48h de l’agriculture urbaine, a festival of gardening and nature in the city.

Take part in a gardening workshop

When the warm weather returns, so does gardening, one of my hobbies. Just being outside feels so good! Indeed, the season is ideal for enjoying nature and the outdoors. If you’re like me and find digging and planting relaxing, I urge you to take a trip to the gardens of Semailles.

In the middle of the Green Belt, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s a complete change of scene. The site offers numerous introductory and advanced gardening workshops all year round.

Let yourself be lulled by birdsong

Looking for a relaxing break while exploring Avignon? I’m sharing this good plan with you: push open the door of the Louis Vouland museum located in a magnificent town house, in a quiet street in the historic center. It houses one of Avignon’s most beautiful gardens.

You’ll meet blackbirds, starlings, jays, sparrows and titmice as the seasons go by. A restful haven for all birds and also for its ecosystem rich with over 150 species in its fauna and flora. Thanks to the label of the Ligue de la Protection des Oiseaux, the Musée Vouland is committed to the preservation of biodiversity.