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The Résonance Festival is driven by a strong concept since 2009: bring together contemporary forms of music and the magnificent historical architecture that abounds in and around Avignon. The result is that ancient and modern work together, with historical settings for electro music during the three entire days of the Résonance festival in late July. Audiences discover the Pont d’Avignon, the Collection Lambert, the Palace of the Popes, even the Calvet Museum, venues that pulsate and rejuvenate with music for the younger generations. Leading artists from the international electro scene discover the privilege of creating in these venues that vibrate with history. A great success each year.


Avignon Summertime Jazz Festival

This contemporary jazz festival is the oldest music festival in Avignon! Some 30 years ago a handful of fervent jazz lovers started this jazz music get-together in early August, filling the beautiful Carmes Cloister with supreme notes of jazz. The festival draws the greatest names in the field for musical evenings under the stars.

Much more than a festival, Avignon Jazz Festival is a launching pad, a springboard for young musicians. After the intensity of the month of theatre in July, Avignon offers a musical breather of the highest caliber.


World Music

Avignon Bridge Festival warms up winter

The Avignon Bridge Festival is the latest arrival in the world of festivals in Avignon! Working with Le Sonograf’, the City of Avignon has created an event entirely devoted to Blues, Jazz and World music rhythms. This brand-new festival fits right in the values that have driven Le Sonograf’ for the past 13 years.

The festival stimulates emotions and shares the secrets of the range of our feelings! A crossroads for sounds from the blues, Jazz and world music, Avignon Bridge Festival heats up the early days in November.


Baroque Music

A series of concerts for rare opportunities

For 20 years now, the Baroque Music Festival, a co-production with the Opéra d’Avignon, offers audiences a season of Baroque concerts that are rare opportunities to discover the arias and instrumental works from the Baroque era. The 9 concerts are naturally at home in the Avignon area and are performed in magnificent historical venues. Several of the most convincing singers and musicians of the current generation have committed to the Baroque repertoire, a repertoire of the passions of the soul and of instrumental eloquence.

Haut les Chœurs

The Greater Avignon area unites

This choral festival Haut les Chœurs showcases the power and beauty of voice. The Greater Avignon area sponsors free concerts throughout the area. Last year’s edition thrilled over 20,000 spectators and featured 4,000 singers.

Unforgettable experiences in all the horizons of music, for diversity is one of the keys. Classical music jazz, tango, gospel, neo-classical, contemporary French and international popular music, world music, Baroque and Renaissance music and mixed repertories. Accessible to all, music lovers and newcomers. Haut les Chœurs is among the events not to be missed during the month of May!


Musique sacrée et orgue en Avignon

Faire vibrer le patrimoine

Grâce à Musique Sacrée et Orgue en Avignon, l’ensemble du territoire d’Avignon et du Vaucluse a ainsi accès à la musique sacrée ainsi qu’au riche patrimoine des orgues. Outre la valorisation et la conservation de ce patrimoine organistique exceptionnel, des activités de création, de diffusion, de sensibilisation et d’éducation sont intégrées à la programmation des nombreuses activités de l’association.

A Avignon, la rénovation de la Basilique Métropolitaine Notre-Dame-des-Doms qui possède deux orgues, permet la diffusion de concerts qui contribuent à la mise en valeur de ce riche patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco et  d’entendre à l’unisson l’Orgue Doré, joyau de la facture italienne en dialogue avec l’orgue de choeur Cavaillé-Coll/Mutin.



Wind Instrument Festival!

Ten years now that the lovely town of Morières les Avignon, part of Grand Avignon, hosts this festival that features voice and wind instruments. The Festival des Vents brings new energy to players and public in great events that end with both sides meeting after each concert. An event on a human scale that has forged strong bonds between internationally-known artists and appreciative spectators. Discover the festival each year in late August.