Petit Palais Museum
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At one end of Palace of the Popes Square stands the Petit Palais museum, one of the leading European museums of medieval art. Take the time to open the door and discover the magnificent building and collections. See the intrinsic beauty of the former palace of Cardinal Arnaud de Via (died in 1335), nephew of Pope John XXII, which then became the palace of the Archbishop of Avignon, and was renovated in the late 1400’s by the Archbishop Julien de la Rovère who later became Pope Jules II.

See its fabulous collection of paintings from the Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance (over three hundred Italian primitives), that comes from the Campana collection. The Petit Palais museum also displays significant holdings from the Avignon School from the 13th to the 16th centuries (that belong to the Calvet museum) and medieval sculptures from the 12th to the 16th centuries, from Avignon and the surrounding area. The Petit Palais museum is a ‘Musée de France’ and is part of UNESCO World Heritage. Not to be missed in Avignon.