Grotte de Trabuc
Grotte de Trabuc
Grotte de Trabuc
Grotte de Trabuc
le couloir des merveilles-grotte de trabuc
Grotte de Trabuc
Grotte de Trabuc
Grotte de Trabuc
La cascade
double visite à la lampe à carbure
le grand papillon
grotte de trabuc
vasque du gong
La magie des lumières de Noël
Trabuc Cave is a true jewel of the Cévennes. Near the town of Anduze, dive into a authentic mineral world for a magnificent visit that is 100% nature, and discover the secret of the 100,000 soldiers and the true magic of underground water.
Here you enter into the mountain, the core of the mountain along an interactive lighted trail in the heart of history. Temperature is 14°c and photos are authorised.

The Jewel of the Cévennes, located between the towns of Anduze and Saint Jean du Gard amidst the geographical relief of the Cévennes mountains in the national park. The Trabuc cave is a major cave, and is a wonder to explore with the whole family, on an interactive luminous trail, secured and prepared, which brings you in contact with authentic nature.
Trabuc Cave is a living cave where water has left its imprint on the stone, carved into cascading draperies, and in the lake Lac de Minuit in a stunning play of shade and light.
In this mineral setting, unique the world over, the army of 100,000 soldiers stands guard.
Visit on own with our audioguide during the off season. Visit with our guides in the summer. Enter the historical, magic universe of this major natural site, ranked as a 'Esprit Parc national des Cévennes'. The interactive nature of the trail, steered by lights to discover the different galleries, takes you into a magnificent underground world as you visit.

The cave was used as a natural hiding place by the Huguenots during the Wars of Religion. It was used by the highway robbers and bandits known as the Trabucaires, who hid their loot here, and in 1945 much of the cave was discovered and has since been made easily accessible.

Known by the specialists as the 'Cave with 100,000 Soldiers', the cave is a stunning mineral setting for a mysterious phenomenon known as the 'army of 100,000 Soldiers at the base of the great wall'! A formation unique the world over, so far, the only one that has been discovered as of the present time.

The gallery trail is 1km and takes you back in time as you discover ancient architecture created by water and stone. In this living cave, there are 7 outstanding rooms that are full of natural treasures: organ pipes, pillars, twisted draperies, crystallised jellyfish and butterflies.
Cascades and gours abound and form deep lakes with turquoise waters.
Explore all the experiences this underground world offers, and walk amidsxt shade and light in this world of beautifully-preserved natural marvels that makes Trabuc Cave a must-see during any stay in the South of France.