Avignon, the creative
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From artists’ studios to designer boutiques, Avignon is teeming with talent to meet.
Grouped in association as the Manufacturers, AAA (Workshops of Avignonnais Artists) they
welcome you to their inspiring lair.

Les Fabricateurs,  what funny animals!

They are twenty now, federated under an emblem iconoclast: a giraffe on a bicycle! It must be said that in Avignon, the city of all eccentricities, the beast did not go unnoticed. On her two-wheel, she guides you (thanks to the mini-guide published and available at the Tourist Office and participating shops) from creator to creator for a colorful discovery. Manufacturers bring together a wide range of designers ranging from clothing pieces
unique (Peacock Feathers, Baobab, Eric and Daughter

cardboard furniture, lighting fixtures, decorative objects (the vestibule), interior
Thread) to the artistic impression (The Horned Beast, Compliant Product). Each shop / workshop has its own universe and ensures you a journey to the land of inspiration. Do not hesitate to push the door of the creators Avignon: in the country of the giraffe, the curious are welcome!


Portrait of a day

Emma Gruer, the flight of creation

There are island birds and city birds. Emma Gruer belongs to the second category and is not less colorful! Its ramage, worthy of the most beautiful macaws, merges in its boutique-gallery, The Feathers of the Peacock. For a long time, too long, the lovers of Avignon passed in front of this low building, beautiful mansion with the old charm that was desperate, empty. A wooden facade with a large window, a floor of cement tiles that holds the stories of the past century … A setting to revive. That’s good, Emma is a challenge girl. It was first ephemeral that she occupied this place with her designer shop. The success is at the rendezvous and the Peacock Feathers take flight.
An unusual shop in the era of franchises where Emma wants to highlight the French designers, without being the flag bearer blue white red.

What she likes is the material, the know-how, the professionalism of these little hands that sew, assemble, stitch, embroider without counting their hours, just to make beautiful. In his shop, renewed every 15 days, the creations of 30 to 40 artists or craftsmen, from all over France (a good fortnight come from PACA) is according to. Bags created in Hermès leather scrapers, well-finished clothes as our grandmothers say and often unique pieces. A happy shambles where Emma orchestrates, like Alice in Wonderland, her conception of consumption. Here, obviously, creation has a cost. There are little things for 5 € and others going up to 400 €. In its civic approach, Emma gives 60% directly to creative artists by limiting intermediaries as much as possible. It also provides after-sales service, “the slightest problem with a product, a breakage, a defect, we come to see me and I commit to repair”. To repair? What a nice green word …

Les Plumes du Paon

91 rue Bonneterie | Avignon
du mardi au samedi de 12 h à 19 h

Luxury has not said its last word …

Coquette, the Avignonnaise loves fashion and beautiful materials.

If the city of the Popes is busy in ready-to-wear signs, there are some beautiful addresses where you can find something to quench your thirst for luxury frivolity!

The legendary rue Joseph Vernet has always attracted a clientele in search of the latest trends and quality pieces. The Saint-Agricol and Petite Fusterie streets now complement the high-end commercial offer with boutiques that, in the secret of their alcove, offer all the brands of young Parisian or Marseille designers: Isabel Marant, Jérôme Dreyfuss, Iro, Golden Goose, Valentino, Burberry, Like Boys for clothing. Lovers of jewelry and leather goods are not left out thanks to the presence of great jewelers, perfumers and other caves of beauty.

The adresses : Maison Mood, Actuel B, I Code, Le Boudoir, Victoire et Cie, Jeanne, Nextdoor, Acte2, Doux Joailler… Et les enseignes  : IKKS, Petit bateau, Des petits Hauts, Karl Mark John, Repetto, La Fée Maraboutée, Max Mara, Fragonard, Continental, Vogue, Bash, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Zadig et Voltaire, Tara Jarmon, Gérard Darel, Cotélac…