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Villeneuve lez Avignon

Along the Rhône

Discover the “plaine de l’Abbaye”

Leave from Philip the Fair Tower. On the other side of the street, on the banks of the Rhône, the Vieux Moulin neighborhood is one of  the most picturesque in Villeneuve. Below the Tower, on the right, take a narrow pass after a hedge of thuja, that takes you to Chemin des Castors. You walk along the canal in the Abbey plain. This plain was used for agriculture and has been preserved from urban development. A dike wall was built during the work on channeling the Rhône (1970) and the plain is protected from the floods of the river.






Take the Chemin de la Savoye and Chemin de l’Avion, you get to place Charles-David. Beyond the square, rue des Récollets takes you to the Tourism Office. The streets is named after the Franciscan monks who lived here from 1618 to 1792. Their vast convent is still clearly visible, through the façade of the chapel is hidden by a modern house.

Time : 45 min
On foot and bike