La Table Haute - Cooking school at La Mirande

La Table Haute - Ateliers de cuisine à La Mirande
Since 1994, in its cooking school ‘Le Marmiton’, La Mirande has welcomed some of the most renowned chefs of Provence.
Classes are held, in the authentic 19 th century kitchen and are a practical ‘hands-on’ experience, limited to a maximum of 12 participants working around a huge wood-block table. The kitchen’s original wood stove is fired up three hours before the class begins.

The authenticity of time spent in this special place where the heart of La Mirande beats will lead you to unique discoveries through smells, tastes, colours, lively and friendly exchanges of recipe tips and secrets.
The classes allow all of those who share the same passion to live unforgettable moments.
Aprons, kitchen utensils and recipes are supplied, and the classes end with a meal accompanied by wines chosen by our sommelier. Students may also invite one or more guests to join them for lunch or dinner.

For more information, please download the program below.