Côté jardin - Jean Vilar and Avignon, a photographic journey at the Jardin des Doms

Côté jardin - Jean Vilar et Avignon, promenade photographique au Jardin des Doms
Jean Vilar et Maria Casares au Verger
50 years after the death of Jean Vilar, the J. Vilar association presents an exhibit of photographs, out-of-doors, which takes you through the Jean Vilar adventure, in the wings, offstage.
The photo exhibit Côté Jardin runs for 5 months and is accessible at any time. The exhibit is on view in the Jardin des Doms, the beautiful garden adjoining the Palace of the Popes, cradle of life in Avignon. It shows thirty unique large-format photographs from the archives of the Maison Jean Vilar and public and private collections.

These photographs, many being shown for the first time - express thevitality and commitment of Jean Vilar and his troupe. The photographs also convey the close link between theatre and the Festival and the City of Avignon. Photographs by Agnès Varda, his friend from Sète, Maurice Costa, his local friend and many other photographers who followed the adventure of the Théâtre National Populaire in the south of France.
Côté Jardin, which means stage right, is in the shadow of memories, and remains the unforgettable presence of those who forged another way to live and share theatre: Jean Vilar and the superb TNP troupe, Gérard Philipe, Maria Casarès, Philippe Noiret, Silvia Monfort, Daniel Gélin... and so many others.
These images show us life backstage, the wings, the nights after performances, the team spirit, the fatigue, the game, the rest, family, and the clairvoyant presence of Jean Vilar who directed, and invented out of necessity, theatre under the sun, far from Paris.
These images stand as strong testimony to the influence of Avignon in Jean Vilar' theatre. They tell of the strength, the vitality and the joy of acting together, both yesterday and today.

4 June to 14 November 2021
Free of charge
Every day
Open: 7:30am
Closes: 10pm (June/July) – 8pm (August/September) – 6pm (October/November)
Public Opening: Friday 4 June.
Opening Week-end is part of the annual "Rendez-vous aux jardins" (4 to 6 June) with a photo studio on site.
This exhibition is part of the programme for the 75th Festival d’Avignon (5 to 25 July 2021) and the Grand Arles Express in the scope of the Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles (4 July to 26 September 2021).
Côté jardin - Jean Vilar and Avignon, a photographic journey at the Jardin des Doms
Jardin du Rocher des Doms
84000 Avignon
Opening : From 04/06 to 14/11/2021, daily at 7.30 am.
Spoken languages : French

Free access.