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The history of Château de Fargues in Le Pontet is directly related to the history of the Popes in Avignon.

When the very first pope, Pope Clement V, arrived, he gave his nephew, Raymond Guilhem de Fargis, a gift of land in what is now Le Pontet, adjoining Avignon. Raymond Guilhem de Fargis, later to become a cardinal, built the monumental château which has undergone many changes, and many different owners, since! Shortly before the French Revolution, in 1763, Marquis de Cambis partly restored the château. In 1982 it was ranked as a Historical Monument and a vast rehabilitation programme was started.

Since then, this superb castle is home to the School of Music, the School of Dance and Theatre (a branch of the Grand Avignon Regional Conservatory), exhibitions and a performing arts hall with 171 places.