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That is how Avignon inhabitants refer to the inside of the ramparts. The rampart walls run for 4.3 km and were originally built to protect the intra-muros inhabitants from outside assailants. They also protected – and still do – from the floodwaters of the Rhône. The ramparts encircle the historical city and give it a timeless, special atmosphere. The ramparts are also ranked as UNESCO World Heritage.

Construction started during the papacy of Pope Innocent VI in 1355 and was completed in 1370 under Pope Urban V. From the Pont d’Avignon you can walk along the ramparts up to the Rocher des Doms gardens. The ramparts afford a magnificent view of the Rhône and a magical perspective over the city of Avignon.


Commencés dès 1355 sous le pontificat d’Innocent VI achevés en 1370 avec Urbain V, leur exploration est possible par l’entrée du Pont d’Avignon pour remonter ainsi jusqu’au jardin du Rocher des Doms et découvrir le Rhône et un point de vue magique sur la cité des Papes.