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The Rhône river flows into the Camargue delta forming the mouth of the Rhône on the shores of the Mediterranean. A love story woven between the two, over centuries of time. Natural history, where flora and fauna are the breath-taking actors, and stand in mute testimony to the vestiges of the Roman presence in this timeless land.


An island between two lands

Camargue is a delta where river and sea meet… La Camargue means 100,000 hectares of land and 75 kilometers of sea front with all the riches that thrive there. Pink flamingos, Camargue horses, Camargue bulls are the most emblematic examples of the fauna. Channels, wetlands, rice paddies reflect ancestral traditions that man continues to pursue and transmit to the next generation.



Land of migration for countless birds, Camargue is a strategic observation post for ornithologists. Take the time to discover this unique ecosystem. Visit the Camargue Regional Natural Park, open to all. The park enables you to approach, with care and consideration, the fragile flora and fauna that make Camargue their home, and which must be treated with respect by all.


Cradle of Roman history

Arelate. That is how the Romans named the city that we today know and love as Arles. Where Avignon owes its unusual fate to the presence of the Popes, Arles has become what it is today thanks to the Romans, who forged the city and endowed it, over centuries, with amazing architecture and heritage. Doubly ranked as UNESCO World Heritage, Arles holds beautiful buildings in its historical centre, buildings that pay tribute to the presence and the architectural mastery of the Romans.

Arles has a Roman amphitheatre that seats 12,000 people. Also known as the ‘arènes’, or arena, the Arles amphitheatre today is the venue for many bullfights and other types of events and performances. And it has reconnected with its ancestral vocation as a site for Roman games. The Roman theatre is still a theatre, where you can see performances of many kinds, during every season. Yet Arles is also a thriving forward-looking modern city, home to the internationally renowned Photo festival known as the ‘Rencontres de la photographie’, the Festival des Suds in Arles, the Escales du Cargo and others. History, architecture, culture and lifestyle, all strongly present in Arles!