Palais des Papes - Photo credit: Frédéric Dahm / Empreintes d'AilleursPalais des Papes - Photo credit: Frédéric Dahm / Empreintes d'Ailleurs
©Palais des Papes - Photo credit: Frédéric Dahm / Empreintes d'Ailleurs|Frédéric Dahm / Empreintes d'Ailleurs

Palace of the Popes

An atypical construction

The monumental residence of the pontiffs, a symbol of the Church’s influence on the Christian West in the 14th century, is the most important Gothic palace in the world!

Simply the biggest

The residence of 14th-century pontiffs and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the largest Gothic palace in the world (15,000 m2 of floor space, equivalent in volume to 4 Gothic cathedrals). It presents visitors with over twenty venues, including the pope’s private apartments and their fabulous fresco decorations executed by Italian artist Matteo Giovannetti.

Histopad for everyone

From the ceremonial halls and cloisters to the pope’s private apartments and priceless frescoes, the Palais des Papes is an unusual place to visit, thanks to the Histopad. Use this tablet to step back in time and experience the Palais as it was in the days of the pontiffs. Augmented reality transports you to the heart of the history of Avignon and the world.

Must-sees at the Palais

Recently restored, the Jardins du Palais provide a new attraction for visitors, opening up a space for relaxation and greenery, and also enabling a better understanding of the monument as a whole. The Jardin du Pape and the Jardin du Palais join the Verger Urbain V, freely accessible to the public, to complete the triptych of the Jardins du Palais des Papes.

The exhibition event

Eva Jospin - Palazzo / 06.30.2023 > 01.07.2024

A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Eva Jospin has been composing forest and architectural landscapes for some fifteen years, developing them in a variety of media. From June 30 to January 7, 2024, the Palazzo exhibition takes over various spaces in the Palais des Papes, inviting visitors to dreamily wander between selected works by the artist in response to the history and architecture of the papal residence.

At the end of the tour, several film extracts and a series of images by photographer Laure Vasconi offer visitors a documentary look at the behind the scenes of the exhibition, from the lengthy design and production work in Eva Jospin’s Paris studio to the impressive installation of her works within the spaces of the Palais.

Did you know?

Ever since the monument opened to the public, and in particular since the Semaine d’Art initiated by René Char and Jean Vilar in 1947, which was to give birth to the Festival d’Avignon, the Grande Chapelle has hosted major contemporary art exhibitions every year: Picasso in 1970, Mignard in 1979, Catherine de Sienne in 1992…. In all, nearly thirty major events enabled visitors to discover the greatest names in international art.

Organize your event at the Palais des Papes

The cultural and heritage influence of the Cité des Papes, its ideal location in the heart of Provence and its comfortable hotel capacity make it an ideal destination and a prime venue for hosting exceptional events.
The Congress Center, housed in the very heart of the Palais des Papes, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a unique venue on a human scale. Discover the cachet of its 16 characterful rooms, for the organization of your meetings, working lunches, gala dinners, exhibitions, incentive activities or exceptional events.