Le Naturoptère
Le Naturoptère
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At Naturoptère, step right up and see everything from close-up! Discover the captivating world of insects and plants and their surroundings. Fun and scientific, alive with different species, gardens and theme areas connecting Human and Nature!
Le Naturoptère is space for exhibitions and events devoted to the captivating world of insects and nature.

Fun and educational exhibits help you take the stance of a naturalist observing the world around you. Emphasis is on discovery, observation and hands-on. Explore the interactions and relations that connect living beings between each other and with nature.

Continue your discoveries in the gardens.
-New in 2019: the garden of "baby vegetables", a cognitive and sensorial exploration for little ones and their families. Have fun together as you explore all four elements and discover plants, insects and animals that thrive in our gardens. Awareness raising through game and touching, in full respect of the environment and biodiversity.

-The semi-natural garden draws you to walk amidst the plants that change with time and seasons. Here you have lots of plant species with descriptions of what they can be used for (textiles and dyeing, aromatic and perfume plants, herbs and medicinal plants) and their geographic origins.
-Various educational gardens - see toxic plants, arid gardens, rococco gardens, vegetable garden, the pond and the plant-purification basin.

During school holidays, there are workshops and activities for fun times learning and playing with friends and/or family.

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