Maison de la Liqueur d'Absinthe Pernod

Maison Liqueur Pernod
At number 75-77 on the street 'Rue Guillaume Puy' in Avignon was the birthplace of the spirits known as absinthe Pernod. The address is now a restaurant.
This house is where Jules François Pernod invented, around 1870, a new liqueur using absinthe. His new beverage met with great success, and he transferred production to a factory in Montfavet, on a site quite close to the church. However, misfortune befell him in 1915, with the passage of a law prohibiting the production and consumption of absinthe, known to cause many physical ills. This was the ruin of the Pernod family. However, Jules François was not discouraged, and created a new drink which was called Pernod. The flavour resembled absinthe, however this new drink was based on anis, which was permitted by the law. Immediate success for this new aperitif. Unfortunately for Vaucluse, the production plant closed its doors in the 1920's, and was transferred to the Paris area. The premises in Montfavet were demolished. Cannot be visited. Is a restaurant now.
Maison de la Liqueur d'Absinthe Pernod
75 rue Guillaume Puy
84000 Avignon
Spoken languages : French