La colline des Mourgues

7-hectare park in the heart of the historical centre. A lovely place to walk and stroll, for all ages. The hill has many places to sit and rest, a playground, and an outdoor theatre. Gorgeous views over Villeneuve lez Avignon and Avignon.
This park was once religious property and still has some vestiges of the Petite Chartreuse, a hermitage where Father Crouzet-Lacombe, the last Carthusian father in Villeneuve after the Reévolution, took refuge. You can see the tomb that he prepared in the rock. The chapel, Notre-Dame de Consolation, is at the very top of the park, and was painted with frescoes by Albert Martin, that illustrate the traditional Saint-Marc celebration, related to wine and vineyards.

Enter by the street R Montée de la Tour (the Paul de La Boulaye gate) and the street Rue Montolivet (by the school).
La colline des Mourgues
Rue Montée de la Tour
30400 Villeneuve-lez-Avignon
Opening : All year round. November to March: 7:30-5:30, April to October: 8-7:30.

Free of charge.

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Amenities :
Play area, Picnic area